Monday, December 2, 2013

Last Dirt Bike Trip of the Year

Towards the end of the season here, I've not been enjoying Ryan riding his dirt-bike every free second. But I know how much joy and happiness it brings him. It's been the best way he's ever found to relieve some of his stress. He's really needed a hobby since he sold his boat.. 5 years ago.

Poor Jack has watched his Dad ride all summer, wishing with all his heart he could ride too.
Jack has taken a little ride around our neighborhood, but nothing really fun.
Ryan couldn't take it anymore, seeing Jack's sad face.
So he took Jack out for a real ride.
Jack was in HEAVEN!
At one point Jack's hands were so cold. Good thing I had some gloves! He only rode for 15 minutes, but it was the "best day of his life!"

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