Thursday, December 12, 2013

Anna's Dance Performance

To say that my family loves the performing arts (singing, dancing, acting or any kind) would be an understatement.
With me living so far away I have never had the chance to see many performances in person.
So when Anna had a Christmas program at school I went to support.
Lila, Mom, Dad and I were the only ones that were able to go.
I have to admit that with 10 kids in the family it wasn't often that I was alone with both my Mom and Dad. I felt like a little kid, sitting between both of my parents (they each wanted to sit by me) and have them give their full attention to me.. and Lila.
Makes me want to try harder to do that more with my kids.
Anna was great! One of the best, if not the best out of the whole bunch.
Her dance partner- Kent thinks so too ;)

Although Anna was great and I loved the numbers she was in, I had to sit through many others that were less then amazing.
With dance themes like "depression, bullying, texting and loss" It was pretty hard to sit through.
My parents and I were less then reverent, we couldn't help laughing and asking ourselves.. how is this conveying "texting while driving is bad"?

Of course it was totally worth sitting through to watch Anna.
She's so graceful! It doesn't even look like she's trying. Maybe she's not, maybe she's just that good.
Love you Anna!

Highlight of the night... catching Anna and her "dance partner" watching back video of their performance :)

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