Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Temple Lights

Temple lights! One of my favorite things to do. 
It was only a couple of years ago that we were at the temple Christmas lights and I was wishing for another baby (HERE) and now I've got two!
I spy a BOY with Anna.. Just sayin.

All of the little boys
And the girls
Anna's "friend" Kent came along too
Without being prompted all of the little ones were holding hands.. SO cute!

We all were supposed to go ice skating, but it was closed for a private party. Oh well.
We went and watched the little nativity presentation.

The baby slept the whole time tucked in warm in her stroller.

It was nice to just walk around and spend time together.
So fun having Aaron and Jamie here.. even if Aaron gives me crap the entire time.
30+ years..
It was getting late, we walked around city creek for a while and showed Dad the fish in the stream.
Then it was time to go home.
Until the next family event!

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