Monday, December 16, 2013

This Week....

My best girls and I had a little Christmas party/gift exchange!
It's always nice to slow down and just have some girl time.
Even if it's just sitting in the mall chatting ;)
Thank you for the amazing robe, Kim!
Merry Christmas Ladies!

Dad grew a beard!? Can you believe it?! Who knew that he could? Ha!
He did NOT like me taking these pictures. But in the 30+ years of my life I've never seen him with facial hair before! Too bad he shaved a couple of days later.. even Mom liked it. He's just can't let go of the straight laced, missionary look!
I am a big believer in having children experience different cultures and religions.
Maybe that due to how I was raised.
The beautiful Catholic church downtown started their Christmas programs, so Ryan and I took Ella up for one of the days of Advent. 

Such a beautiful place.
I hope that Ella and all of my children will grow up with a strong testimony of our religion, but also have a respect for others as well. Although I believe we have the fullness of the gospel here on earth, I also believe that there are many other religions out there that are trying to do good with the truths that they have. I could only wish our ward choir could sound that good ;)
The kids are LOVING the 12 days of Christmas. They wanted a picture with their new stashes!
As a little girl almost every year I was able to see a performance of the Nutcracker ballet. 
Several of my siblings even performed in it many years in a row.
But with moving and having babies Ella had never made it to a single performance.
This year with Lila still being so young, I wasn't going to be able to take Ella yet again.
Then my Mom decided to go and invited Ella. Although I was sad that I wasn't able to take her and be with her for her first time, I'm glad that I had such a perfect stand in. I'm sure that my Mom knows the entire thing by heart! She even bought Ella this beautiful Clara nutcracker!
The days are getting closer and closer..... Christmas is almost here!
Lilly loves playing with princesses.
Everywhere we turn there's another Santa somewhere!
Lilly was in heaven, not scared at all. He gave her stinkers and candy. When asked what she wanted for Christmas she just said "toys". She then laughed and danced around the store the whole time we were there.

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