Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, finally here! All of the family got together at Mom and Dad's house.
We packed up to spend the night. My first Christmas with my family since Ella was a year old.
The kids thought it was so fun to have a sleepover.
Sami had us open a special present early.
I KNEW IT! I had been thinking for a couple of weeks that she might be pregnant.
Can't wait for August!

The Whittaker family came to spend the evening with our family.
Since I haven't had Christmas with my family in so long, it was fun to see such familiar things from my Childhood. My Mom loves Christmas and Christmas decor. I kind of feel like Christmas barfed all over her house, but that's ok. I got to see and remember so many things from my childhood.

Of course there was a lot of food again! If I haven't gained a ton of weight, I would be surprised.
Of course we had to have a little nativity and read from the scriptures. 
There were plenty of children to play all of the parts.
My little shepherds.
Adam reluctantly decided he would play Joseph, only after Ella agreed to be Mary.

Scarlett was such a good baby Jesus ;)

We then sang some songs. Kevin was quite good when it was his turn to sing "five GOLDEN rings!"
Lilly found a spot between Jeffy and Nat and hung out there all night.
Candice and Cody sang some songs, they are so talented.

Then we each opened some gifts. We did a little family swap.

My little family!
I always get a little stressed out the couple of days before Christmas (what mom doesn't!?) But then Christmas eve comes and I feel like I can finally relax!
I love these people so much, they are everything to me.
I'm so happy that we were blessed to be able to provide such a wonderful Christmas to our children this year.
Christmas Jammies!

Babies first Christmas!! Such a happy girl!

Finally time for bed. It's always so hard to fall asleep on Christmas eve!
These guys just cuddled and watched Christmas movies. It didn't take too long.

The baby kept trying to climb on the presents! Over and over again! heheheheheh!
Waiting for children to fall asleep
So cute ;)
Since this is the first year that Ella "knows" she got to help with stockings. It's sad to lose that magic, but fun to be able to set things up for the littler children.
Some nice little elves helped put together a Jeep for Jack and Lilly!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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