Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ice Skating

After the first attempt at ice skating, we called ahead to make sure that it was open, which it was.
The kids were so excited!
These girls are such good friends, I love it!

Lilly had no clue how to even attempt to skate, we all took turns holding her up and pulling her around the ice. She didn't care, she loved it!
Jack was amazing! At first he kept falling and falling, but always got back up and tried again.
By the end of the night he was flying by me so fast! Still falling some, but he didn't care. He keeps asking me when we can go again!
It was so cold! The baby stayed all bundled up in her seat

There's Kent again....
It was fun to go with a big group!
Why does he do this? Seriously? He hates it when I post pictures like this and he knows I will....
At least I got one good one..
but only one...
Mary and Kevin started this huge line. I love that sweet little Ella was right in the middle
Everybody got pretty tired of holding Lilly up. She would get so mad! She wanted to skate dang it!
Jack had to take some breaks too, so was so hot and sweaty, I didn't worry about him being cold.

It was so sweet, Ryan asked Ella to "take a turn" around the ice with him. Good Daddy.
I think that Jack would have skated all day. I guess we need to go again!
Why do I let Ryan video?

It was such a fun night!

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