Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This Week

Seriously, how can this be?
I had to take a picture of my sweet baby girl. She give the best prayers! I love how she says "thank you for our many blessings"

Lilly is my best shopping buddy. She mostly just sits in the cart pointing out "cute" things
To most people who pass this bench, its just a bench. To me it's where my baby brother would sit waiting for me to pick him up from work. Every time I go to Target I think of him and miss him so much! How has it only been three months since he left?

I love her little froggy legs!

Lilly had a little playdate with one of her friends.
Out running errands and again so glad that I bought this stroller!

Lila is such a good baby and loves tummy time

I wasn't planning on buying Lila a Halloween costume, but I couldn't help it when I saw this. 
My baby owl!
Cuddling with sleeping babies is the best
Jack lost another tooth!!

Lilly said she wanted to be "Darf Vader" for Halloween too
At the school Halloween party!
This is by far the best way to fold laundry! Face time with Aunt Sarah!

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