Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Break Day Four- Park City

The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
Lilly loves juice. I don't know that she actually ate anything.

After breakfast we packed up and started driving home. On our way we decided to drive by the house that Ryan and I lived in when we were first married.
We got to live in a house that Ryan's parents owned for the first 10 months after we got married.
You would think that it would be a happy place, but really, it wasn't! 
Ryan's family was trying to fix it up to sell and so we were in constant construction. Ryan was working full time in Park City and going to school full time in Orem.
I was alone a lot in this big huge house without anyone.. or blinds!
I was so relived when we saved up enough money to move out and into a little house in Provo.
Living here was one of the most stressful times in my life.
It was also were we brought Ella home from the hospital. This is where we started our family!
 So it's not all bad! Ryan and I spend evenings sitting on that porch and a hot summer trimming all of those trees. I even remember Ryan putting in that mailbox!

It's almost been 11 years since we got married. A lot has changed, but at the same time a lot hasn't.
Ryan's still gross and still loves watching TV.

We decided to drove around Park City a bit.
It was so pretty. But I don't miss living here.

I really liked the view from where I was sitting ;)

We made it a little farther to Heber where we stopped to let the kids out to play for a little while. They were all feeling a little car sick after driving all over.
I sat in the car with the baby enjoying my Dairy Keen shake. They are the best!
And then we continued our drive home.

Since Ryan's always in Heber for work, this is his view on the drive home. Not bad.
As we were coming up to Sundance we both realized neither of us had ever really gone there to see what it was about. (I guess Jack forgot to smile)
It's so pretty there. I wish that we could have our family pictures taken there. They said no.
The kids are all smiling, but they were all so scared of this scare-cow. Jack thought it was a real person.
We walked all over and checked out of fish in this little pond.

I really wish that we could take our pictures here...

We spent hours walking around. It was so nice outside. We just let the kids run around and play.
There is a nice resurant and a little deli. The kids each got to pick out a sucker.
We looked at some beautiful art and talked a long time to an elderly lady there.
Finally we got in the car to REALLY go home.
But then we were hungry....
So we stopped in pleasant grove to get dinner and the the smoking apple.
It was so good!
Everything about this week was so great! We all had the best time. I love my little family, they bring me true happiness and joy.
It's so refreshing to be able to spend uninterrupted time with them. It's just what we needed.
Until next time.

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