Friday, October 11, 2013

Lilly Get's Stitches..

Last night as we were all getting ready for bed I told Lilly if she hurried I would read her a story. (we are right in the middle of "Little house in the big woods") So being the good little girl she is, she RAN into Jack's room.. tripped over some pillows on the floor.. twisted around... and feel onto the metal bed-frame. I was right behind her and basically saw the whole thing.
She started crying of course and I grabbed her right up.
But then I saw a little blood. I went looking for where it was coming from.. her ear.
It looked like a little pizza slice was cut out of her ear!
I yelled down to Ryan who ran right up. Right away, we knew it was going to need stitches.
I called my Mom who drove right over to stay with the other kids, so Ryan and I both could take her into emergency. 
She hardly cried at all. Until they needed to give her some numbing shots. Ryan and a nurse helped hold her down. I couldn't help but cry too! It was so sad. It only lasted a minute though.
Then she happily watched a movie on Ryan's I-pad.
The whole time the doctor was sewing her up he kept saying she was doing "so great!"
He said she was one of the best two year old's he's ever worked on.
We are so happy that she was perfectly fine other then the cut on her ear.
Seven stitches and two hours later we were on our way home.
Lilly is our wild girl. This wont be our last time in the ER for her I'm sure!

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