Sunday, October 6, 2013

Scarlett's Baby Blessing

Baby Scarlett!
It took a long time for her to get here (Mary went two weeks overdue!) but she finally made it!
She has so much dark hair, just like her brother. I think they look a lot alike.
At just two weeks old the Shumway's drove to Utah to bless their sweet baby.
I gave her those jammies!
They had to do it early Friday morning. 
Ryan had a meeting he couldn't get out of. 
But all of these guys were able to be there.

Wasn't Mary just 17 visiting me!? Now she's married with her second baby.

Scarlett wore the dress Mary was blessed in. Our Mom made it.

After the blessing we all enjoyed some yummy treats.
It was so fun seeing our old friend Joesph and all of his kids (Lauren was at home only two weeks away from having baby number 4, so she couldn't travel) The kids are all so grown up!
It's so fun to have them as family! Our kids love calling the Shumway's their cousins!

Lilly and Harvey are only a couple months apart and now Lila and Scarlett are only a couple of weeks apart.
All weekend we hung out at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We played games, watched movies and ate lots of scotcharoos!
The last evening before Mary and Kevin went back to Wyoming some of the boys were outside throwing a football around. Lilly thought this was HILARIOUS!

It was so fun seeing Mary and her little family. I wish they could come and visit more often.

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