Tuesday, October 29, 2013

At this Moment

So often the most documented things are big and exciting, rightful so. 
Growing up I always wanted to be a Mom, not for the big things, not for the fun things, but for the little every day things.
I can't believe how big Lila is getting.
She's really into grabbing her feet and toes!

The girls love making crafts. I got this little necklace kit for a dollar, it's now kept Lilly's interest for hours!
She sweet, little, dirty hands.

Ella is such a great big sister. Sometimes she's there before I can even call her.
Seriously, what a goof.
Ryan works hard and relaxes hard.
Jack- I know sometimes he feels trapped between all the girls in the house. 
I try to make sure that he has plenty of guy time.

Watching him play video games reminds me of when my brothers were little.
This is life. It might not be pretty, but it's real.

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