Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Break- Day Three- Lagoon

We were so excited to surprise these kids.
The night before Ryan and I were talking about what we could do with these kids on their last day of fall break. Especially since Ryan had the next two days off.
We came up with several ideas, but kept coming back to Lagoon. With having a baby this summer and my family moving here, we didn't really do a family vacation. Plus we had only been to Lagoon once before when Ella was too little to remember.
So Lagoon it was! At 11pm Ryan and I decided that's what we would do and started packing up. We thought it would take just a few minutes, wrong. It took us hours!
We all woke up early the next morning and had everything in the car and ready to go.
The kids had no idea where we were going!

It was pretty rainy as we drove up though Salt Lake. We worried that maybe it wasn't going to be a good day and that maybe we should think of another plan.
We prayed to know what we should do and felt that we should just go for it.
There was hardly anyone there!
The kids were so excited when we pulled up to the park!
They obviously have seen enough commercials to know what it was.
The morning started out a little cool, but not too much rain.
With it being so close to Halloween they had everything decorated.
Most of it was pretty gross......
With almost the whole park empty we just slowly walked around getting a feel for what was there.
Ella and I got to go on the first ride together. Since not many people were there, we didn't actually see this ride in action or understand what it did.
Holy cow. I just about peed my pants!

After every ride Ryan and I switched. So if I went with Jack, next time he went with Ella.
The little girls were so good. Lila slept almost the entire day and Lilly just ate snacks.
Ryan's turn.

By the end of the day she had eaten the whole bag!
While Ryan and Jack went on "The Bat" Ella and Lilly went on the tea cups.
At the end of the day Jack said this was his favorite ride. 
It was also the biggest roller coaster he was tall enough to ride.
There were lots of rides with no lines, so we would go on the same one over and over.
Poor Lilly needed a turn.
She picked the jeeps.
She was pretty excited until it really got going.

She has a death grip on the thing..
Ryan thought this looked lame. 
Then he went on it. He was surprised.
It was crazy that Lilly could go on this ride.
I'm not sure that it was the smartest thing we've ever done as parents.

I think one of Ryan talking to Lilly.
Look how tall Ella is. Before we know it she will be as tall as me.
How on earth do we have a ten year old daughter?

Ryan's an amazing photographer.

There was a little area for the kids to walk through.
They handed out candy and several other fun things, like a water gun and a harmonica.
We took it slow and just enjoying being together.
The fog on the mountains was so cool!
Lilly and Lila waited with me while Ryan took the two other kids on the big water ride.
Ella got pretty soaked. I had told them I didn't think it was a good idea.
Who am I?

Ella was started to feel really cold so we went on a little train ride around the park.
It was kind of weird that they a bunch of animals like a zoo.

I love that Lilly  has a sucker in her mouth.
She ate all day long

I always loved these rides when I was a kid.

When Ryan saw these swing he wanted to go on them. 
He loved these as a kid.

He said he felt like he was as light as a feather, like he was flying.
I guess for a bigger guy that would be a fun feeling
Then it was my turn on the pirate ship.
Jack was feeling pretty nervous.
But I finally got him to put his hands up!

This little lady was seriously amazing!!!
She just hung out in her stroller happy as can be the whole day!
Ella was seriously getting cold by now and we all needed to eat. 
I had packed lots of food in the car. So we went out and sat in the warm car to eat and have Ella chance. Good thing I brought a change of clothes!

We made it over to the side of the park that had the biggest roller coasters.
One was so old that I thought I was going to knock my teeth out or get a concussion for all of the jarring around
This one was lots of fun. We probably went on it more then any other ride. Poor Jack wasn't big enough, but Ella went every time. I think she said he went 9 times.
It really started raining at this point in the day. On the fast rides the rain felt like rocks hitting your face.
Jack LOVED all of these boards! He wanted to take a picture at every single one.
Lilly started getting cold and fussy and needed a nap.

I LOVE my stroller. Especially since both girls could fit comfortably. It also helped Lilly warm up and get the nap she desperately needed.
Seriously, this is so gross... Like really, really gross....
I did not care for all of the scary Halloween stuff.
There were several haunted houses. I did not go in a single one.
Ella loved them and wanted to go in all of them. I think Jack made it to one and then I said no more.

It really started raining so we bought the kids ponchos. We probably should have long before we did.

Jack was so disappointed he couldn't ride the bumper cars, but they ended up being kind of lame anyways.
As it got dark more zombies came out, they played more loud Halloween music and had lots of fog machines. Ella really enjoyed pretending to be a zombie.

Our last ride of the day. Ryan wanted to go on the swings one last time.
We had such a great day. I'm so glad we went. It could not have been better. (Okay, maybe less rain)
As we got in the car Ryan said- this vacation can't be over yet!
We got online and found a cheap hotel in Park City that we've stayed at before.
(I had a feeling Ryan was going to do that and packed accordingly!)
It felt so nice to get in a hot tub after spending the day outside in the cold.
(Although it wasn't that cold, maybe 50/55 degrees)

Lilly loved testing out her new water gun she got at Lagoon.

Ryan, so happy to be on a little mini va-ca!
This is him laugh/smiling
This it was bath time and watching movies in the hotel.
What a perfect little vacation for us. Ryan now wants to get season passes to Lagoon so we can go a lot next year.

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