Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Ella wanted to be a nerd this year. I guess the years of princess' and witches is over.
Although she was Jack Sparrow one year and a chicken another, so I shouldn't be too surprised.
Jack was worried nobody would know he was "Darf Vader" without his mask (which he couldn't wear to school) but his best buddy Ashton knew!

I loved Jack's little program, I just wish that he didn't get so nervous and anxious.
Of course Lilly didn't want to be left out and thought that she should be able to participate.

After school we all rushed to get ready and go over to the Grandparents house for dinner and tick or treating!

This was Ella's costume when she was two years old too. I LOVE it and am so happy that we will be able to use it not just once, but twice more with Lila!

Lilly loved me taking her picture! She didn't want me to stop!
I think it's so funny, she always makes that face when she tries to smile with lipstick on!

I wasn't going to have Lila dress up, since nobody would really see it since she's just a baby and going to stay in the car the whole night.
But I couldn't pass this little owl costume up!!
Yep. Ella is a pretty good NERD....
She searched at DI forever to find the perfect tee shirt to wear.
Got Cheese? tee shirt won.

These two are so silly!
Jack was happy to be able to wear his mark finally. And of course have a light saber.
I love all of his sweet moves!

Happy Halloween!!

We stole the Riggs/ Chiles family tradition of potato soup! So yummy!
What's Halloween without the scary head now? It really scared some kids and we had to turn it off..
John and Tiffany came up to go trick or treating with us for a little bit.
Don't you love Ryan's costume! I bought is after Halloween last year. I never in a million years thought he would really put it on! But he was a good sport! I wish that I had bought a Luigi costume now! Maybe next year...
everyone did such an amazing job on their costume! I thought that Neinah's "Link" costume was so awesome! I also really loved Abby's cat face!

We had so many people we thought it would be fun to pull the trailer for people to ride in!
The weather was so perfect again this year.
Mom and Dad's neighborhood was amazing! We'll always go there.
So many houses were not only giving out candy, but also- Cotton Candy, home-made donuts, hot cocoa and more!

Of course Lilly and Gabe were always way behind everyone else. They had so much fun together!

Ryan and Dad stayed in the car watching "Top Gear" and watched Lila.
Finally at 9 we decided we better be done.. 
Everyone had to sort their loot!

I loved Andrew's costume ;)

It was such a great night! It was so fun to have so many friends and family around!
Happy Halloween!!

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