Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Break- Day One

4 Kids is hard. I thought 1 was hard, then 2 and so on. But man, 4 is hard.
I feel like I can't ever keep on top of anything!! 
The kids school break came up on me so fast.
So I had NOTHING planned.
Which I guess was a good thing. We were able to do things like clean out the garage.
I hate not having a basement. Where else are we suppose to put all of our random junk?
This looks about a million times better if you can imagine that!
(Ryan has since come in and cleaned everything up even more. I can actually park my car in there again!)
Since almost the entire first day of fall break we cleaned the whole house and garage I told the kids I would take them to a new candy shop that opened up right next to our house.
There were all kind of candy, but mostly suckers.
They each got to pick one.

Then we drove up to do some shopping.

We even walked around Gardner Village for a little while.
This little horse with a hat on was so cute! Lilly loved him too.
Lastly we went to the mall. Jack and Lilly took a ride on this little train. 
A special treat. 
They were going to sit in the caboose, but then Jack changed his mind- since last time some older kids were walking near him and teasing him. Not nice..

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