Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Week at the Bailey's

Am I re-posting matching pictures, or do they really have this many matching shirts?
So proud of Ella today! When I picked her up from school she noticed a girl from her class crying as she was walking home. Ella hopped out if the car and ran to her, throwing her arms around her for a big hug. Ella then walked with her all the way home, with her arm wrapped around her friends shoulders. (She was sad to say goodbye to another girl in their class who is moving) later the girl called to thank Ella for her kindness. Often I wonder how my kids do when they are out in the world without me. I am so proud of Ella and the kind, sweet girl she is!
Conference weekend we hung out with my parents. 
Grandpa fell asleep with Lila.
Had to take a picture to send to Jacob on his mission. If it wasn't for him she would be gone. She's so stinky and always in the way. But she's Jacob's dog and he loves and misses her. Old Bunny dog.
Conference weekend is for taking lots of naps
Dad made dinner. Of course it was soup. He always makes soup.
Conference weekend is always my favorite. I always feel so motivated and happy.
I might be ready for winter just so that I can have my husband back!
Ella and her friends gave Lilly a make over. She was in heaven! She LOVES make up!
Lilly wishes that Lila could sleep with her in her big girl bed. I don't think so, at least not yet!
I could braid the hairs on Lila's ears. Lilly was our only other baby that had that. At two years old Lilly doesn't have any hair on her ears anymore, lets hope that Lila will be the same way.
Already getting ready for Halloween! Ella wants to be a nerd. She's wanting to go all the way- wig, glasses, fanny-pack, toilet paper hanging out of the back of her pants....
Do other families have a hard time keeping bedrooms clean!?
Practicing for Halloween!!
Sometimes I hate not having my own fenced in back yard, but then sometimes I like looking out my bedroom window to see the kids playing with all of their friends in the circle.

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