Sunday, August 31, 2014

Getting Comfortable

We've been living in this house for about two months now.
Kids are in school and things are becoming more normal now. Even though it's only been two months it seems like forever since we were in the little twin home.
The ducks that live in the little pond had some ducklings the week we moved in.
It's been fun watching them get bigger. They will come so close to get food from you.

The kids have started a little collection of golf balls. Almost every afternoon they go out searching for more.
There are tons of them! Especially around the pond. The kids even sat outside and sold some to golfers passing by. We actually had a golfer hit and break one of the windows in the garage.
He was so nice and came up to the door promising to have it fixed. What a nice guy!
(It did in fact get fixed.. 280$ later.. I'm so glad the golfer was honest and paid to have it fixed!)

Anna got her first job- at Walmart!
It's fun to run into her all the time while we shop.

As a treat we took the kids out to eat.

Baby Gemma already almost a month old!

I couldn't resist! I love, love, love matching!

The little girls love Gemma. They love looking at her little hands and feet.
Its been so fun having a little baby around again.

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