Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gemma is Born

On August 5th at 11:16pm Gemma Belle Oscarson was born!
She was 19 inches long and weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces.

It was such a neat experience! I was so lucky that Sami let me be there and witness the birth!
To read all about it go HERE! 
Sami was such a trooper! I'm so proud of her. She did amazing.
Right when Gemma was born I thought she looked just like Sami, now I think she looks a lot more like Tyler.
Looking back, my favorite experiences were seeing Tyler cry and he met his daughter for the first time, how many people were in the room (there were a lot of us!), Tyler's sweet Dad talking to Gemma, and just watching Sami becoming a Mother.
The next day Ryan and I took the kids to go meet Gemma!

It's amazing how quickly babies change and look different!
Ella's an old pro at holding babies now!

Jack was a little unsure at first.

It seriously feels like Ryan and I were JUST here at the hospital with our own babies!

The day after Sami and Gemma got home from the hospital they came over and I took a couple of pictures of baby Gemma. (I can still hear the funny was that Lilly says that.. baby Gemma!)

She's such a sweet little baby. I'm so excited for Sami and Tyler. Starting the journey of parenthood!
Love that baby girl!

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