Sunday, August 17, 2014

Almost All of August

I don't know if it's just that summer is winding down, or we just got back from a long trip, or that school is starting- but things have been crazy and I'm not even sure what we have been doing.
It's already August! 

I took the kids school shopping and as a reward for good behavior let them walk around ToysRus. Lila LOVED it! She would find a toy and carry it around until she found something else she liked better. Pure joy. I wish i could have bought her everything. Only a couple more days until school starts! It's such a bitter-sweet feeling!

The kids love that ducks will occasionally come into our yard. Everyone but Lilly "they are going to eat Lila!!!!!"

Finally went to check out the little restaurant just down the street at the country club. I can see a lot of walks to get milkshakes in our future

Friday night, movie night!

It's always fun when cousins come to play!

Those two little teeth! It's my guess she's only got a couple more days until the top teeth come in!

Baby Gemma came to visit!

My parents and younger siblings had to opportunity to go to California and see my Grandma and Grandpa! I was so jealous!
One of their first stops was to see my great-great- Grandma Neinah's house. She died when I was a baby. The owners were so nice to let them all in. My Mom said that not much has changed since she was a little girl. My great-great-Grandpa built that fireplace with his bare hands!

My Dad's Mom- my Grandma and Bill my step-Grandpa (who I've known my entire life) and my Dad with his older brother Veral Aaron.
It was so lucky that they had the opportunity to go and visit. It sure makes  me want to go even more now! I love how happy my Dad looks!

The last weekend before school starts, so we took the kids to the movies.
You think that Jack was a little excited!?

Movies are getting pretty much impossible with Lila now...

Nobody was there, so the kids all found their own special spots. Within 10 minutes of the movie starting they were all back to sitting with us though :)

Now with literally only days away from school the kids and I went out to run some errands.
We decided to take Dad some lunch. We ran to the grocery store, where a very nice employee convinced Jack to try some sushi. Not a fan. Of course Ella loved it.

On our way to Ryan's office they were blowing out a fire hydrant. Ella was the only one brave enough to try running through it!

Our bikes were all getting so old and rusty! The kids and I all got new bikes (just cheap ones from Walmart) Ella was so awesome and walked her bike up a HUGE hill and all the way home from the store. She totally earned her bike!
Oh no... I have no other words...
Why is learning to tie your shoes so hard!? He had to learn if he wanted to wear those new shoes to school. It took a couple of hours, but he finally got it! Way to go Jack!

Lila had a check up!  1 year stats- 18 lbs. 8 oz (18%) 29 inches (26%)
Still our tiny little baby. And we think she's chubby! HA!
Met up with Lisa and Tiffany. We ran some errands and hit Costco.
These ladies will grow up being friends just like their older sisters and I couldn't be more happy about it ;)

We always tell jack that when dad is gone he is the man of the house. He reminded me of that as he fixed my loose kitchen cabinet. Any excuse to use his very own drill.

After what has seemed like forever my brothers were finally able to fix my computer!!

Yes, Lila still gets in bed with us sometimes.. she's my last baby...

What a beautiful morning!! I love that I have such a nice view out my back window now!

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