Monday, August 25, 2014

A Very Busy Week

On the kids second day of school we all woke up early and got dressed. After dropping them off a little early at school I raced down to Provo to meet up with Katrina!
She was here all week for education week at BYU! We decided that I should tag along for one day.
It was so nice to hang out with Katrina again, I sure do miss her! She's one of my best and dearest friends. My favorite classes of the day were the ones on parenting and marriage and also one on Mary Madelene! My Mom was there all week too, we went to some classes together and got lunch, the three of us. After a long day of classes we met up with some of Katrina's friends who came up from Arizona with her and went out to dinner. It was such a wonderful day! Feeling spiritually uplifted and getting to spend time with such a wonderful friend.
It was hard to say goodbye.... until the next day when she called me and said, come pick me up!
The little girls and I drove down to get her! We had lunch and she even came by to see the new house. It's not everyday, but maybe only a few times in your life that you meet friends like Katrina!
It was so sad to say goodbye that I just about cried. Until next time....
A HUGE thank you to Anna for watching the kids ALL DAY!

Second day of school.
So far the kids seem to be adjusting well to the new school! Yippee!

Wearing a special necklace that Katrina gave her for her birthday!

These sweet sisters! I hope they always love each other...
While out doing some shopping for Lilly's birthday these guys fell asleep.. Again, so much love for this stroller!

Jack had his first practice for the fall season of soccer! He was a little nervous.. his coach is super nice, but her tone of voice and choice of words seems to make him think otherwise. 
I think she'll be a great coach! Lots of cute kids on his team! It's going to be a great season!

The weather has been SO weird lately!! First tons of rain and now even big hail!
What the hail?

My sister Sarah always seems to find things that I need... including this new sippy!

Most Sundays we go up the canyon, but in case of rain we stay close to home. It was our turn to host Sunday dinner.

Its always fun, the more people you have.

Thanks for coming everyone.

Lila enjoyed her dinner.. followed by a nap.

After dinner we decided to go up the canyon.. the rain had stopped.
Sweet little Leo and Lilly..
Just a short half an hour after taking this picture the hail was bigger than marbles and we all had to run for our lives to our vehicles!! 

Jack's been in school for a while now.. he loves his teachers and friends.. But... he told me at lunch he was being bullied!! I went to have lunch with him and figure out what was going on.

Fairly quickly I was able to figure it out. There is a little girl in our ward who is very sweet and nice, she always wants to go and sit with Jack and lunch. She's nice, but very IN YOUR FACE about it.
Lots of questions and sitting a little too close.
I'm glad he wasn't really being "bullied", but rather just feeling a little uncomfortable. 

Jack and I talked about what to do if you don't want someone to sit with you, who you didn't want to sit with and tried to explain that she wasn't being mean, but just overly friendly.

In the end he told me not to worry, that his friends who protect him.
I'm so glad that he's made such wonderful friends already! I love my boy!

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