Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Aquarium

My cousin Dani and I have been talking about getting together forever!
Finally we were able to meet up at the aquarium!
I always do things with the older kids, but I need to do more with the little girls.

We were a little early, so we played outside.
Lila wasn't up for taking pictures!

Dani and her kids got there and it was like our girls have been playing together everyday their whole lives!

Lila is getting fast! I couldn't take my eye's off of her.

Lila loved the penguins!

After checking out about half of the place we all kind of took a break and let the kids play.
Sirri has the coolest curly hair!
Tanner was getting ready for a nap..

The girls would have been happy to just play there the rest of the time, but we still hadn't seen the SHARKS!
Lila wondering off again!
We are going to need to get these girls together more often!
I was done! In the stroller you go!

Saved the best for last- Sharks!

I love that a Grandma told my girls to be careful and not to run :)

Lots of sharks in that huge tank
A young lady was there teaching everyone about all of the shark and other animals in the tank

After the sharks we walked around the gift-shop. Those silly girls!
Then we went to IKEA for some lunch of Swedish meatballs!
It's funny, we are both Swedish, but not for the family side we have in common.. 
Thanks Dani for such a great day! We have got to get together more often!

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