Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet the Teacher and the Night Before School Starts

Jack was SO excited to go and meet his teacher and see his new school and classroom!
First we walked around the school, just to get a feel for it. Found all of the bathrooms, lunchroom, library, playground and were to drop off and pick up everyday. We paid for lunches and met the principal. 
Jack's classroom was so cute! His teacher must love her label maker! Everything was labeled! I wish that I was that organized!
Jack's new desk! His first year going to school all day! He's so ready!

Jack's teacher Ms. Allen seems so great! Really, really sweet. Just what Jack needs.

Ella's last year in elementary school...... how is it her LAST year!?

Ella's teacher Mrs. McDonald seemed very nice too. Young. Her classroom wasn't even set up yet!
It kind of freaked me out. It felt more like a prison then a classroom. I thought that maybe that's just how 6th grade is.. (Days later upon returning to the classroom it was fully decorated and very cute!)
Ella was having a much harder time at the thought of moving schools.
However everything seemed a lot better when we realized that one of the families from our old ward attends this school! (Their Mom is a teacher there!) Ella was thrilled to find that not only would she already know someone at the school, but that one of the girls would be in her class!
So excited to see a friendly face!
(These girls were baptized together! See HERE!)
With everything ready there was nothing left to do but go home and go to bed... ok, we got dinner first.
At the children's request we had come Chinese!
Yeah!! School starts tomorrow!!
Lilly doesn't know, but she's going to start a little preschool at Grandma's next week!

Jack's teacher is so awesome!
She gave each child a little card with a poem and some fun confetti! 
It's to make him sleep well and be ready for school in the morning.

 All of their new clothes and shoes were all laid out and ready for the morning!

Lilly was excited too!

So we had to lay out clothes for the little ones too.

School starts tomorrow!!

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