Saturday, August 2, 2014

Shumways in Utah

The day after we got home from Vegas we had the opportunity to meet up with our friends the Shumways!
 (If the name sounds familiar it's because my sister Mary, married Joseph's brother Kevin!)
They were in Park City visiting with family.
We tried to rush up to meet them, but with Ryan getting work calls and being trapped behind a parade, we were pretty late!
Love all of their faces!

We walked around the museum before driving over to a fun burger place.
We have so many kids now guys!!
After we ate the kids played on the grass. A little mouse was very entertaining too.
After dinner we drove over the the Shumways hotel and let the kids swim a little.

Thank you Grace for wearing the "fruit cups"!
It was great seeing you guys! We've got to get together more! Come back to Utah!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Loved this! So much fun seeing you all! We need to come hang out more!

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