Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Finally the day was here! Lilly had her first day of preschool at Grandma's house!
She had been looking forward to it for days. Plus this week she finally decided to be potty trained!! 

She loved spending a couple of hours with her cousins. Coloring, reading stories, cutting things out and making a craft. Thank you Grandma!
Lilly's birthday is coming up! Only a couple more weeks!
I decided to take some pictures of her.
She can't wait for her "Frozen" birthday party!
It's hard to smile with lip-gloss on. You just want to rub your lips together all the time!

I know so many of these are basically the same.. but she's just so cute!!

I knew once we got this shot that it would be the one I would use for her invitation and party!
Such a pretty girl. I sure am lucky she's mine!

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