Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School 2014 Ella 6th Jack 1st

How do kids sleep like this!?
Good morning! First day of first grade!!
After a quick shower and breakfast he was ready to go!
Ella actually let me curl her hair, so that was good!! She was so excited to wear her new scarf! She's really into scarves right now :)
First and Sixth
Poor Lilly! She had no idea.... She got dressed and brushed her teeth just like the older kids.

11 years, 3 years and 6 years old
It finally hit Lilly that she wasn't actually going to school.....

Ella's new backpack- thanks Lisa and Paige
Jack got his new backpack from great Grandpa! He knew how much Jack loves BYU!
Lilly has had her backpack for a while, but she had to show it off like the big kids.

Off to school!
It was so cold and rainy! It felt like a first day of school though.
These kids are so wonderful. They are my life. I can't believe they are going to have to be gone from home all day long. At least they are in school together and will even share a recess!

All of these pictures so accurately display their relationship.
How did I get so lucky to have these kids!?

Jack started getting a little nervous...
Ella met up with Sydney and another girl who was new to the school.

One more peak on Jack.. A little nervous still...
Ella jumped right in and started meeting and talking with everyone. 

We got home only to have more tears.... So Daddy and I decided to take her out for some fun, just the little girls.
Cheesecake factory makes everything better!
After school both kids said they loved their teachers. They both knew several kids in their classes from church. Jack was so happy when he was invited to see with a group from church at lunch.
I'm so happy things went well (I hope it continues) and am looking forward to an awesome year!

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