Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor day and Jill's Gender Reveal

A few weeks ago Lisa's little sister Jill had an ultrasound to determine the gender of her first baby.
We are all so excited that she's having a baby! Lisa was the ONLY ONE who found out the gender but told me later that night what it was, so I could help organize a little gender reveal for her.
It was hard to keep the secret! Lisa, Jill and I went up to Swiss days and seeing all of the cute baby things, it was hard not to give it away..
On labor day a large group got together at Lisa's parents house for a BBQ, including us! Nobody knew that Jill had already had an ultrasound and nobody knew the gender but Lisa and I- not even Jill!
First Lisa told everyone that the gender would be revealed through breaking up a pinata!
Just kidding! LOL! It had both blue and pink candy!
Then Lisa brought out a big box- this time it was for real- A GIRL!
Yeah! I'm so excited she's having a girl! I can't wait to meet her around Valentines day!

It was such a wonderful day. The kids all played while we ate and ate.
But where were the little boys??....

They had gone into the park behind the Shepherd's house and were just sitting on a bench. 
It was so cute! Best buddies.

Silly girls, trying to steal all of the candy...
It was a great day! It's one of my favorite, since Ryan always has it off.
Happy Labor Day!

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