Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Phone Pictures for September

It's been so beautiful lately!
There is no sign of Fall coming anytime soon.
Perfect weather!

With the older kids in school Lilly has really stepped up to the plate with being helpful.
She loved pushing this little cart!

While playing at the park/soccer practice Ella found this beautiful leaf bug!

Sometimes when Lila gets sleepy she will just pull a pillow off the couch and take a nap.

Baby Gemma

Jack's usually really good about getting up in the mornings and getting ready for school.
I love laying in bed watching him. Such a little man.

Since I had already had lunch with Jack I HAD to go have lunch with Ella at school too.
She introduced me to some of her new friends.
I'm so happy that we moved and that my kids have already made such wonderful new friends.

Since Ella and Jack's lunches are back to back we stayed to eat with Jack too!

This little lady is by far our crankiest baby.. I think I say that about every baby. I guess I just forget.
Anyways, I love to watch her sleep. So pretty.

I'm a planner! I love planning ahead! Although Halloween is 6-7 weeks away I ordered the girls these fun wigs for their costumes!
Lilly was not satisfied with just trying her wig out in her regular clothes :)

I thought for sure that Lila would be so annoyed by the wig, but I think she actually liked it!

I love all of these!! I can't wait for Lila to have long hair for real!

And then she was done!

I guess Sami snuck these pictures of Lila and I playing. She loves to bounce on that ball!

I'm in a hurry, I get Lila out of the tub and get her all dressed. Then I am laying out all of Lilly's clothes when I hear a big splash! That stinker!! All I could do was laugh! Shoes and all!

The older kids picked out their costumes too!
(Ella not wanting a picture is going to be a scary lizard!)
This turtle costume will work out so well for Jack's birthday party- again, planning way ahead!

We all love feeding the ducks. Almost every night we go and feed them a little. 
They are so used to us that as soon as we open the back door they all come running!
They are like our pets now :)

I know it's hard to see, but I thought it was so cute I had to share! My dad has been leaving my mom notes on the mirror in the mornings. This one says "You are irreplaceable to me, our children and our grandchildren. You are our grandchildren's grandma mom.... And would be missed by all- but especially by me!! Take care of yourself for all our sakes. ILY" Love my sweet parents!

We drove up the canyon after church one Sunday to take our family pictures for the fall.
It was so hot.. and always frustrating.. but it's done! Thanks Sami!

This is short, but you can see how happy Lila is! She LOVES riding the ATV's!
Sometimes if we are in the garage she will try and climb on them. She always wants to go for a ride!

Lilly looks forward to going to preschool every week. It's so nice that we just walk over to Grandmas!

Grandma's preschool group.

It's not too often that we take the kids out to eat. Maybe once a month. This is why! So much goofing off!

Lila is my messiest eater! She loves smashing everything together and throwing everything on the floor. She's always willing to share though :)

Every morning I take the older kids to school while Ryan takes care of the little girls.
I'm gone seriously 8 minutes!
But this is what I came home to.. That stinker! That gallon of milk was full when I left!

Once a week I take the little girls to a local story time. Lilly loves going and learning about different animals, but mostly she just loves singing the songs.

Another sleepy baby..

My baby is a genus! She already can sing the alphabet!

My Mom always told me that before I get married I better stop and think what life would be like waking up next to the same person forever.
I guess I'm alright with that. Almost 13 years!!

You know it's going to be a good weekend when you have a watermelon this big!

I found Lila in Jack's room reading a book! How adorable is that!?

After running some errands Ryan and I took the little girls to get an ice cream at Thanksgiving point.

Lilly loved running through the gardens.

One afternoon I saw that these girls were holding hands in the car.. so sweet!

It might be the end of September, but we'll take 80 degree weather anytime!
Summer feels like it's lasting forever!

Started getting all of the Halloween things out. Jack tried on his very first costume.. still fits!

Sometimes Lila looks SO blonde!

Lilly has seriously take up an interest in cooking. She's always will to stir or chop something for me!

While getting all of the Halloween things out Lilly found these rats. She was feeding them some of her sandwich and loving them.... 

Shout out to my sister! Nice scarf!

Pumpkins are here!!

The last few days have been a bit cooler, that means it's finally fall!
Time for sweaters and apple pie!

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