Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Camping Trip

With the weather getting cooler we decided that we should go camping one last time.
The first night we couldn't stay, but Mom, Dad, Anna and Neinah did.

Nice one Lilly!

Ella was sad that I wouldn't let her stay...

The next afternoon we went back up.

Ella and Neinah had fun playing in the water and looking for hiking sticks

We played games and had lunch

Of course Dad had to make some kind of dam or something in the river. Jack helped.

That night we had a big dinner and roasted marshmallows.

Time to settle down for the night.

Lila is so fun to sleep with!
In the early morning I started to hear some rain. I hoped that it would pass, but it just got worse and worse. Mom and Dad had not stayed the night, but came back up to get the rest of their stuff. 
We all hurried and tried to get everything into the cars. Everything was wet!
We got home, showered and went over the my parents for breakfast.
It was a short, wet, but very fun camping trip.
Until next summer.

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