Monday, September 8, 2014

Lilly's FROZEN Party (And My Birthday!)

The day had been looking forward to for months was finally here!
I woke up early to get everything set up.

All morning while I worked Ryan was getting ready to go dirt bike riding with my brother.
Later I found out that as he and my brother were running to get some gas Adam expressed how nice it was that I would let Ryan go out dirt bike riding on my birthday.
Oops... Ryan felt so bad that he had forgotten my birthday that he and Adam went to the mall right then and picked up a ring I had seen a couple of months before and said I liked.
Then picked up my favorite cupcakes.
When they got back, I was very surprised!

Thanks Ryan! I love it!

So here I am.. I'm 32 now. I figured It might be fun to take a picture on my birthday every year.
I might not think I look too bad here in another 32 years.

Right before the party started Lilly got to open one special gift. Her face says it all!

So happy!!

Walking down to her party all dressed up. I've never seen her so happy!

I love her holding her hand out... so princess like.

All of Lilly's little friends! 

Everyone got some chocolate!

We played a little game. Pin the nose on Olaf.

Lilly's turn!

She loved every second of her party!

Time for cake! I loved watching her smile as everyone sang to her.

Although I wasn't planning on it or thought it necessary my Mom brought a pie for me too.
Watching Lilly open presents is so much fun! Her expressions kill me!
So happy and excited for panties!!
Love the sly smile!

Her audience.
She stood up to thank everyone. It was so sweet!

Then I got to open some presents too! Thanks everyone!

Lisa, Tiff and I
After all of the party was over and cleaned up, it was time for bed. With lots of new jammies and Elsa and Anna dolls.

Happy Birthday Lilly!!

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