Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jack's Second Soccer Game

Jack only got one goal all last season. I knew this time around he was a much better player and that he could totally score a goal at his first game, which he did. 
So now at his second game I told him that he could get at least three!
He asked me "If I get three goals will you buy me a goldfish!?"
I agreed!

Goal after goal! I couldn't believe it! 
My Dad was at the game with me and I love him laughing on the video!
When Jack scored his third goal my Dad yelled "you got your fish"
It must have been the perfect motivation because Jack ended up making another two goals!
5 goals in one game!!! So proud of my boy! 
My Dad asked "does this mean that he's getting a turtle!?"

After the game we were all so excited! We went to celebrate by getting some milkshakes and Sammy's!
Anna came along too. Such a happy Day!

Later that afternoon I took him to go get his goldfish- we ended up getting two!
A black one named Darth Vader and a white one named Storm Trooper!
Way to go Jack, I knew you could do it!

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