Saturday, May 3, 2014

Jack's Soccer

I love watching Jack play soccer, I honestly feel like I could watch him all day long.
Which I'm sure that I will have the opportunity to do a lot over the next few years.
I love that my family likes to watch too! Especially my Dad.

It's always easy to spot Jack's bright neon green shoes.
Jack is the fastest running on his team. He will be way behind everyone else, but beat them all across the field to the ball.

Today was the day- Jack made his first GOAL!!!
As the ball hit the net, Jack's arms flew up in the air and he had the BIGGEST smile on his face I've ever seen!
I thought I might burst with joy! I've never seen him so happy!
(I didn't get any pictures- I was just enjoying the moment)
He ran over to give me a big hug!
I couldn't wait to call Ryan and tell him all about it.
I don't know if I've ever heard Ryan so happy either! Seriously, Ryan was freaking out like he had just won the lottery!
He talked to Jack on the phone and told him how proud he was. 
Did we go a little overboard, maybe.
It was so awesome that the day he FINALLY made a goal everyone was there to watch!
The only down side was that Ryan wasn't there. On the phone I felt like he was going to cry... These are the times we wish he had a different job.

Best game EVER!!

Jack's cheering section!
Grandpa and Grandma!
They love coming to support Jack!
I told Jack that after his goal and win I would take him to get some ice cream. He choose Culver's, of course. When the server heard that Jack had won his first soccer game, he gave Jack a new soccer ball!
What a way to top off the day! A day we will never forget!

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