Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer is Coming!!

Love watching this guy in action!
He's getting better and better at every game!
He might not be the biggest, but he sure is the fastest!

Another great game!

After soccer we had to RACE to Jack's first T-ball practice.
He is the oldest and biggest kid on the team. I guess she waited a little too long to try T-ball.
I'm not sure how into it he's going to be either. It's kind of... boring.
After T-ball and some quick errands we came home so hot and tired.
It's finally really warm outside, perfect for a little dip in the kiddie pool.

Lila's new love- Otter-Pops!
This little lady.. is so little! It's hard to find a swimming suit that fits that tiny bum!
Although Ella feels way to big to play in the kiddie pool, Jack does NOT! Ha! What a goofy kid!

Lila wasn't too afraid of the water, even though it was freezing.

Lila loves food.. She went to finish off everyone's leftover happy meals.
That BOTTOM! :)
After playing outside all afternoon we all came in and got cleaned up.
Jack had been in charge of cleaning up the lunch mess. It didn't quite make it to the trash and Lila took the opportunity to sneak one more lick of the barbeque sauce!
What a mess! What? You don't let your baby drink barbeque sauce?

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