Friday, May 16, 2014

Second Week In May

Someone learned a new trick. Time to get out the baby gates!
Seriously, she's growing up way too fast!
Who doesn't like dipping veggy straws into chocolate pudding?

This baby hasn't always loved bathes. She's getting better though.
After a yogurt, crackers, banana's and a cheese stick, she needed one!
So sad that the brownie was gone...

My little shopping buddy.
It's interesting to me. When she is alone with me and Lila she's not the little tiny sister, but becomes such a helpful big sister.

I had a newborn shoot this week. So I needed someone to test light with :)

Jack loves when he get a turn with his class pet!

I think it's so sweet, he even got Tigerific a bib!

Ella had her last school project for 5th grade.
It was a state fair. She chose New York state.
Her second favorite city.. that she's never been to.
 She was so excited to wear a shirt that just so happened to have NY on it.
 She worked really hard and did such a great job.
Ryan had a meeting close by, so he was able to run in and check it out too!
Only two more weeks of school!!
Jack had a project in school this week too.
He was assigned the giant tortoise. He loved reading and watching videos online to learn all he could about them. 

Jack's teacher is the perfect kindergarten teacher. I'm so thankful for her and all of the love and support she showed to Jack this year. Before the kids did their presentations she got up and cried. She told all of us parents how much she loves and cares for our children. We are going to miss Mrs. Parsons! I can't believe kindergarten is almost over!

He's getting better about being so shy and clamming up.
Today is Lisa's birthday!
She has been my best friend for so long, we've been through so much together.
I love that we are still so close after so long. And I'm glad I got to spend another birthday with her.
I'm always the only brunette in the bunch....

Tiffany is the shrimp. She has always been like a little sister to us. 
Even though she's older ;)

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