Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Since Sarah was here, she and I put together a Mothers day brunch for the family.

Ryan gave me two HUGE things of See's candy chocolates. It was wonderful!
But honestly, I was SO excited for my Mom!
There was a lot of planning for this special day for her.
First some of the siblings and I put together a special book of photographs of the farm.
Mom and Dad's home in Wisconsin. You can see how she was so excited, but soon realized what the book was and broke down into tears. She still loves and misses the farm.
That's when it was Dad's turn to give her a gift!
You can see her shock! After almost 33 years, she finally got a diamond wedding ring.
Dad was right, she loved it and it was perfect!
After so much food..

And just like that Mothers day was over and it was time for Sarah and her family to go home.
Such a fun week! Thank you to all of the Mothers out there, especially mine :)

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