Friday, May 9, 2014

First Week in May

When Dad moved here he wanted to have a weekly- or bi-weekly breakfast.
Now almost a year later, we are finally doing it!
He was especially excited since he was able to get the senior discount!! Haha! 
The perks of being 55.

(I can post this, since technically she has it now.)
My Dad doesn't love diamonds. My Mom does. What girl doesn't!??
My poor dear Mother has never had a REAL diamond ring. Even after being married for almost 33 years. So after about 20 years of me trying to convince him to buy her one, he FINALLY did!
I got to go help him pick it out! I wasn't sure she would like it.. but he was confident THIS was the ONE.
Lunch outside always tastes better.
Happy Sunday!
Lila had her 9/10 month check up.
Length- 27 inches (15.9%) Weight- 16.2 (13.6%)
This is how a LOT of my mornings are looking these days..

Anytime we ask the kids where they want to go for dinner they all, almost always say Chinese.
Ella loved her fortune :)
Seriously.... is this normal?
I feel like Jack is SO STRONG!
Someone got a new dirt-bike...
Jack needed a little ride to try it out too.
There are few sights I love more then this. Ryan coaching and training Jack at soccer.
So excited that Sarah and her family came for a visit! Love this fat ham!
I think that Jacob missed Bunny when he was on his mission more than anyone else.
The only reason Bunny is still around is because Jacob loves her. They have a weird relationship.
She said she looked pretty and needed her picture taken. Done.
Dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory. Lila knows what's good.
Can you see her pretty new ear rings?
Sarah and I drove up to dinner separately. There was a long wait at the restaurant, so she and I decided to walk around the mall a little bit. 
Since we were there, we decided to pierce Lila's ears! (Ryan didn't care)
But when Mom saw her, I thought she was going to cry! She was not happy with me to say the least.
She thinks it's so mean.
I think it's cute. Lila only cried for two seconds before I handed her a sucker and she was fine.
Doesn't she look cute!?

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