Thursday, May 22, 2014

Field Day

Poor Jack. He didn't like the sound of running a 5k.
Every year the school does one. Everyone gets a prize at the end.
After helping so much with the school play Mom thought it would be fun to have Jacob run in the school race.
I don't know if Jacob thought it would be fun.
Jacob and Jack heading out with the crowd to get ready to race.

Ella thought it was fun that her friend Alex was wearing the same shirt.
That's what happens when I shop in the boy section.
She didn't have a green shirt.... It was the only green shirt I could find.

After what seemed like forever here came Jack and Jacob!
Jacob told me that Jack would start getting tired and start to slow down. But as soon as someone was about to pass him, Jack would speed up and not let them!
Jacob said that if they had been in the front at the start of the race that Jack would have won.
Even still, he came in at 8th place!
He was MUCH happier when the race was over.
I think he was pretty proud of himself and pretty happy to have won a "gold metal!" 

This time Jack was willing to take a nice picture with Jacob.
Thanks for being such a good sport about everything Jacob!

After the race Jacob took care of Lilly while I waited for Ella.
Uncle of the year over here!
Ella could have made better time, but she stayed close to a friend who was struggling.

So proud of these guys! They really know how to stick it out and accomplish hard things!
I thought it fun that in this shot.. the weather lady from channel 4 news is in the back :)

After the race a huge fire truck comes and hoses off all of the kids.

Jack was a little nervous at first, but finally gave in and went and got really, really, really wet!
Even Lilly was brave enough to go out.. just for a minute!
Thanks Mom and Jacob for coming and helping!!
Time to go home and get warm!

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