Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Third Week in May

This week started with celebrating Bethany's birthday.

Apparently Adam's not the best at having his picture taken

Do not, I repeat, do not give your baby to my Dad. He will feed them all the candy and ice cream they came stomach!

When my parents moved close they brought with them several boxes of my things. Including my wedding dress. I thought it would be fun to have Ella try it on. Happily she's still way too little. I don't know how I would have felt if she actually almost fit into it. Who knows, maybe she'll even want to use it for her wedding someday?
Why wont he let me take a picture of him?

The other day, I was packing up- (Only a few more weeks until we move!) when I look over just in time to see Ella slip on the tile floor in the kitchen! She was just standing there when her legs slid behind her and her face/chin smacked the tile. She hit pretty hard and started crying.. so hard that she couldn't talk. But soon I saw some blood dripping down her neck. 
There was a HUGE gash!
I grabbed a towel and told her to hold it on their tight.
I grabbed my phone and purse and raced to the hospital.
It was horrible to see Ella in so much pain. When they went to numb her up she squeezed my hand so tight. Poor thing.
She got ten stitches.
She was very brave. I'm proud of her for keeping her composure so well.

Now that Lila is interested in the stairs, I've had to put lots of gates up.
She hates them. To say the least.
Same day, I'm doing some work and I look over to see Lilly "nursing" her baby.
So cute! ... and a little weird.

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