Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baseball Game

Ella came home from school with some tickets to a UVU baseball game.
(We went once last year-here)
We weren't going to go, Jack was being really cranky.
But I thought if we got there he would end up having fun and that he shouldn't ruin the fun for everyone else. We hopped in the car and drove down just in time to see the first pitch.
It was such a nice evening.
Jack ended up having more fun then anyone else and didn't want to leave.
Lilly kept running up to a playground, that stinker is always running off somewhere!
It was nice that Ryan was able to come with us this time!
I was so afraid that Lilly was going to fall down the hill trying to chase after Jack.
I can't say we watched much of the game.
It was so nice to just sit outside and watch the kids play and people watch.
Especially two single girls sitting near us who had some unique dance moves.
The weather started to get questionable as it got dark so we decided to leave a little early.
UVU was killing the other team anyways, it wasn't a very excited game.
We ended up going across the street to grab some dinner.
Ella was handed a kids menu and burst into tears!
She was heart broken that she had to order a "kid" meal.
Ryan and I were both shocked! Poor Ella. She told us the looks on our faces made it worse. 
I remember getting that look from my parents too. Mostly just a look of pity while at the same time thinking the whole thing was pretty funny.
She's reaching THAT age.
Ryan let her order off the adult menu. ;)

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