Monday, May 13, 2013

Ella's Uintah Report

School is finishing up!
Which meant that Ella's BIG report was due.
Each kid in the 4th grade was given a county in Utah to study and research.
Ella got Uintah county.
Ella worked so hard and did a great job!
(I doubt that I have ever known as much about any county before.)
Each kid had to put together a display board and plan a presentation for the school's county fair.
Ryan, Ella and I stayed up late into the night the night before putting all of the finishing touches on her display. Ella knew JUST how she wanted everything.
Ryan, the kids and I went the next morning to check it out.
I might be a little biased, but Ella's was totally the BEST!
She had a power point presentation, a game, travel brochures and much more!
She was lucky that one of our sweet older neighbors was from Vernal (in Uintah county) and let Ella interview him and even borrow some fun things from his childhood to put on display.
Ella thought it would be fun to make a tee shirt- she's been super crafty lately!
She gave her presentation to her class and again was the BEST!
She didn't just rattle off random facts, but told fun stories- only like Ella can!
Ryan and I are so proud of Ella, she works so hard at all that she does. She did such an amazing job!
Love our Ella-Bella!!

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