Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer Is Almost Here

The last couple of months every time we go to the store Jack begs to buy a little pool for the back porch. But it was March and still really cold outside. So while he was at school I thought I would surprise him and get it- since it was over 80 degrees finally!
He was thrilled! The second he walked in the door he RAN to get his swimming suit on.
Of course once he touched the cold, cold water from the hose he was disapointed.
So the nice Mom that I am, filled it with about 20 huge pots of boiling water for them.
Lilly was so excited and loved it just as much, if not more then Jack.

They loved that little floaty and had a hard time sharing it.
It only lasted that day though, that's what you get from the dollar store.

They were out there all afternoon.
Their feet got pretty wrinkly!

The pool Jack really wanted had a slide attached to it, but it wouldn't fit in my car.
This worked well enough.

Ella thought that maybe she was too big for the little kid pool.
That made me so sad, I don't want her to think she's too big for anything!
She's still little to me.
I was glad when she decided to hop in for a minute.
Summer is just about here.
I couldn't be more excited!!!

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