Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jack's Field Trip to the Farm

With things being so busy around here I was glad that I was able to take Jack to his field trip with his pre-school class to Thanksgiving point farm.
I'm getting HUGE and things aren't as easy.
We all had lunch out on the grass together before starting the tour of the farm.
Jack and his best buddy at school Gabe checked out the baby chicks.
Lilly LOVES animals. She loves going to the pet store and looking at pictures and videos of baby animals online, so this was heaven for her.
Lilly wasn't at all afraid of even the big horses and wanted to touch and play with them.

Jack on the other hand was very cautious. He finally got up the courage to pet this nice horse.

Jack was asking how you can tell if they are girls, or boys.
After I explained it, he had to check and see. Yep, both girls.
Checking out the bunny's.
We went on a hay ride around Thanksgiving point and then played in some fun playhouses.
The boys all thought it was so fun to pretend to be in jail.
Of course Lilly thinks that she's big and can do everything the big boys do.
She was able to hold on for a LONG time!
Dancing! I'm not sure that Lilly loved being Jack's dancing partner.
We walked around and saw some chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, sheep and more.
Lastly the kids each got to go for a ride on a horse.
Jack picked the biggest one! He wasn't afraid!
Lilly was excited, until I actually put her on the little tiny horse. She was a little nervous.
I'm sure that I looked so silly trying to waddle along side these horses....
Lilly figured it out and loved bouncing along with the horse.
As it was time to get off I look over, holy cow, Jack's horse really needed to pee!
It was splashing so badly I had to wait until he was done to help Jack off. 
Which was well over two minutes!!
It was getting late and about time to pick Ella up from school, we started walking back to the car. 
Lilly had run off yet again, to go see the horses again. She really does love animals! 
We are going to have to go back again soon.
Some of Jack's class.
(One little girl wasn't there and anther was just feeling a little too shy..)
These kids are all so cute. It's been such a wonderful experience for Jack.
Lilly wanted to be in a picture too!
One last picture in this chair that Jack thought was pretty cool.
It was a hot, but very fun day!
Only a couple more weeks of school!!

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