Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial day

Lilly's first time down the big water slide.... she did NOT like it. I doubt we will ever get her to go again...
For Memorial day our wonderful friends the Andersen's had us over for a BBQ!
I didn't take too many pictures, too much time chatting with the ladies and stuffing my face I guess.
Lucy (Goose) and Ammon were the braves ones, not afraid of the COLD water.
The Dad's were so nice to drive and get the big slide and a fun sprinkler for the kids.
(Even if it got a little cold and windy outside)

(Lilly was tired and ready for a nap)
Everyone played outside and ate and ate and ate. 
I was surprised that my kids didn't throw up later from how much soda they drank!
Poor Ella, she's hit "that" age. She's too grown up to go play with the little kids.
She loves her kindle. This is what she did the whole time.
Teenage years are fast approaching!
It was such a nice day!! I'm so glad that we went!!
Thank you Anderson family!!

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