Monday, May 11, 2015

Lilly's Ballet Recital

  Lilly's first ever dance recital! 
We were all so excited!!
...until Lilly accidentally got smacked in the face by a friend. That happens sometimes when you're twirling. I loved how everyone gathered around her to make sure she was ok.
That face! So sad! She recovered quickly though.

Ready to dance!

The Teddy bear dance! At the end everyone goes to sleep. Lilly did so well!

There were multiple classes preforming, so in-between Lilly came and sat with us. So happy and proud!

I am so proud of my little Lilly, she worked so hard to practice her dances.
I may have even teared up a little. It's so rewarding to see your children succeeding!

We had to take some pictures outside after.

My pretty ballerina! 
She loves dancing, we'll keep it up as long as she still loves it!

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