Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ella's Elementary School Graduation

That's it! Ella's done with Elementary school!
Today was her graduation.
It was so cute how official it all was.

Nice one Sam...
My girl is all grown up.
It's weird to think that in the fall she will be going to Jr. High. She's not scared of that at all, I'm terrified!

While Ella was at school the babies and I decided to get some things together for a little party for her.
A lady bug hit my face in the Target parking lot and I had a full on spaz attack.. I'm just hoping that means I will have good luck today.. I'm sure people thought I was having a seizure. 

We got home and got everything together for her!

We also picked up some treats for the kids teachers on the last day of school!
It's almost here!

A little party for a big girl.

Some gifts.. mostly because I don't like to buy things for no reason. A shirt for her birthday party and a dress for her last day of school.

Summer is almost here!

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