Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jack's Last Game of the Season

It's been such a great season for Jack's soccer team. I think they only lost one game!
Jack's last game and he got to play against a bunch of his friends from school and church.
(Jack's #2)

It was a cool morning so we got bundled up.
Love that Grandpa loves to come to Jack's games!

Where's Lila? Oh, she's the one who's screaming through the fence. Great.
Jack had his first hard fall in a long time..
Of course they kicked butt! Jack scoring something like 3 or 4 goals.. 

He and I have loved working with his coach and teammates.
Such a great group of kids!

This is the last year being on a co-ed team.
Jacks loved his girl teammates but he feels like all boys teams will be better matched.

While at his game we found out about tryouts for a club team called LaRoca in Alpine.
At the last minute we rushed over. We were a day late, but they still let Jack tryout.

I was actually so nervous the whole time for him. For two hours there was drill after drill..
I could tell he was getting tired. Finally it was over.
Then the coaches would put a few boys over here, then a few over there.. rearranging these small groups. It looked to me like Jack was in a bottom bracket for sure. So who knows, maybe he wont make it. He's only 7 trying out as a 9 year old. He's also only been playing for three seasons.
Finally they said we would find out in a couple of days and sent us home..
So we'll see what happens....
(That's Jack standing up)

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