Sunday, May 31, 2015

End of May

Jack's such a weird kid.. wanted his picture with an ice cream face!

Lila is such a wild girl!
She saw a bug on the tramp and wanted to stomp on it. If we ever find a bug in the house we know Lila will take care of it for us, but really, she really will!

Her other new trick.. climbing out of her crib. I guess the time as come for a big girl bed!

Jacob and Natalie are engaged! Only one more month until the big day!
Their engagement party was so fun and so nice to meet so many of Natalie's family members.
Since Ryan had to work, we didn't do much for Memorial day.
 In honor of all those who serve our county, we did service in our community.
Ella and Jack collected trash around the pond.

I love where we live!

After cleaning up we all went to the park for lunch.
It was such a nice day!

And then for some treats! Our favorite cupcake place!

Over the weekend my sister in law for engaged!
I know that many thought it was pretty fast after my brother died. But you can't put a time frame on grief. We are all so happy for her and the kids. Daniel seems like such an awesome guy.

Out to dinner! We always go to Los Hermanos since it's so cheap and everyone likes it.

Especially Lila!

After having a vacation in Zions, this chubba and her family came to visit us!
We love having cousins come and see us!
They got to hang out all day while their Mom went out to make plans for her upcoming wedding!
So fun seeing Aaron and Jamies kids!

I seriously love seeing all of the random pictures that Lilly takes.

It's staying lighter later now! Which is a great thing for Jack! He's really into riding his bike around the neighborhood with his friends. They are kind of like a little bike gang and it's adorable.
He doesn't even want to take the time to take his helmet off for dinner since he's going right back outside!

More pictures of Ella and her friends. Such good, sweet girls. School almost over and they will all be in Jr. High!!

Ok, so maybe we forgot there was actually one more game!
It's ok, they still kicked butt with only four players.
We got an email that Jack made it onto the LaRoca team! So this was his last game on a Rec team.
He's in the big leagues now! Club ball here we come!

Every Sunday she fights sleep all through three hours of church.
We walk in the door and she's OUT.
That stinker! I can't wait for 9am church in January!

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