Friday, May 22, 2015


After getting home from Disneyland it was mountains of laundry and getting back onto a schedule.
One night we had a little fire in the back yard.

To say that Lila didn't like it would be an understatement.
Jack showed up for his Disneyland toy could look like a light saber . 

Spring is in full bloom! I love seeing all of the flowers everywhere!

Only a couple more days of soccer for the season.

My sweet Lilly.

On Sunday we went to my cousin's baby blessing.
After they had a lunch at the pavilion behind the church building.
At some point some kids were playing with and broke a huge sprinkler, shooting water way up into the air. It was a LOT of water. Jack was devastated!
Jack had been one of the kids around it, but had actually encouraged the others not to touch it.
After a long time we figured out who was in charge or the sprinklers and worked to get it fixed.
But our poor, tender hearted Jack couldn't let it go. He felt so guilty and that it was all his fault.
I caught him like this in the car on our way home, praying with all of his might. Such a sweet boy! I hope he always wants to right his wrongs and lean on the Lord.

The last day of Dance for Lilly until the fall. She has loved every second of it and her teacher Ms. Julie.
Love watching Lilly dance!!
Lilly is always such a stinker! She wants to dance too. In the fall they will offer a class for her, she will be so excited!

 I will cherish these videos forever!

Sometimes you just feel super.

Ella had one of her last Activity Days, activity. It was a Mom/daughter night.
We painted each others nails, played games and had treats. Less then two months until she will be in Young Womens! So bittersweet!

At the last minute the babies and I went with my Mom down to the Payson Temple open house.
I was worried the babies would be wild, but they weren't too bad.
Lilly just wanted to swim on all of the pretty carpet.

It's so BIG and beautiful. I especially loved the baptistery
Lilly says that she can't wait to go again.

On our way home we drove through Provo and got to check out Uncle Jacob's apartment. 
He's finally a big boy and has a place of his own. I guess it's good that he's moved out on his own seeing that he's going to be married and a HUSBAND in only 2 1/2 months!
Super weird since he still looks like he's in high school.. Just saying.
His apartment smelled like a boy. If you've ever been the a boys apartment, you know the smell.

The kids school had a family night.
It was kind of rainy, but it didn't stop our fun.
There were many food trucks, Lila's corn-dog was almost as big as she was.

They had some rides, even Lila gave a it a try.

Go C.R. Cougars!
I'm so READY for SUMMER!

This little stink is so naughty, she refuses to go to nursery.
Ryan and I take turns taking her for walks and playing in the car.

Lila loves baby Rosie.. or who she calls "baby Bizzy". 
She loves playing Mommy and giving the baby her bottle.
Mothers Day weekend!!
I was SO happy that my Grandma and Uncle came to visit us!
They came for Aaron's memorial and promised to come again, I'm so glad they did.
I sat all day, like seriously all day listening to my Grandma talk about her childhood and my Dad as a little boy. I might not always remember what she said, but I'll always remember how I felt and her look of excitement in telling me all of her stories.

Not the best picture.. but maybe more realistic.
When the crap did I have 4 kids?
The boys had been planning this big dirt bike trip and Uncle Aaron brought his dirt bike all the way from California. 

They all said it was the best time ever!
My Dad said he doesn't know the last time he had so much fun!
Doesn't my Dad and his brother look alike!?

It was such a relaxing weekend, just hanging out with my Grandma.
I really need to go see her. Maybe the kids and I will drive out sometime.

While waiting for a tire rotation the girls and I tried out a new soda and candy shop.
A new favorite, maybe.

Ryan and I went out for a date night, but didn't know where to go..
We ended up going to one of the nicest restaurants around, Chef's table.

Feels so fancy.

Mine and Ryan's dinners.
Sometimes it's nice to go all out.

LOVE getting random texts from Ella's friends with pictures like this!
Oh to be 11 again..

May 16th is the first day I hung out with Lisa, it also happens to her birthday.
So it's our anniversary just as much as her birthday, right Lis?
All of us ladies went out to eat and her favorite, Los Hermanos!

Autumn, Kim, Lisa, Me, Tiffany and Jill
After dinner we all went over to Jill's house for dessert.
Lisa talked all of us into buying PLANE TICKETS right then for a girls trip/ Kim's birthday in July!
Im so excited!!! Just hope Ryan doesn't mind!

Seriously, should I just delete all of the random photos I find on my phone? 
I think not.. 

On Ryan's day off with nothing to do.. raining outside, he decides to take the babies to Chuck E Cheese.
Lilly killed it at the spider stopper!

Lila was a little less enthusiastic.

Jack's class had the goal of reading 100 books over the school year.
We were on a good schedule and kept really great track..
Until we forgot.. misplaced his tally..
So he and I worked for eight hours straight to get all caught up, just in time.
As a reward we went out to eat at his favorite place, Pizza Pie Cafe!
I'm glad he's learning that hard work pays off and that he can do hard things!
One more week as a first grader!

Nobody else objected.

Poor Ella, she wasn't feeling well.

Sometimes you just need to remember your kids in a moment.
She's growing up!
Sometimes I worry that Lilly gets lost in the shuffle of being the middle kid.
But I sure love her and am so thankful she's mine.

After telling her it was time to get the kids from school she asked "is it ok to just have foots and not shoes"?
Oh my gosh, so cute!!

After turning in all of his reading logs he earned his teeshirt!
Such a proud moment! Jack totally earned it!

Another Gem from the babies..

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