Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lilly's Big Girl Bike

After dropping the kids off to their last day of school I took the babies for a walk around the block in the wagon. We can to one of Lilly's friends houses where Sophie was riding her little bike with training wheels and helmet. 
We continued on and as we were coming back up our driveway I turned to see Lilly sobbing in the wagon. Through broken sobs she told me "I'll never have a bog kid bike like Sophie."
Oh my gosh, it made me so sad.
We just hopped in the car right then and drove to the store and bought her a bike!
Maybe it was a little too impulsive and I could have waited for her birthday.
But as soon as she hopped on the bike in the store, she knew just how to do it!
Now she will have a bike all summer long!

She was doing so well.. oops, didn't see that dip!

I love her look of FREEDOM!

Of course Lila was around being wild.

Now Lila has her own bike too.

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