Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last Day at Disney

As soon as Lilly was awake and ready to go she went and sat in her stroller- a little excited to go to Disneyland again!

But first, breakfast!!

The whole group!

Ryan might look mad, but he wasn't. He was thrilled to be doing anything other then being at work!

Best friend cousins!

Someone was very hungry.. and shirtless so she didn't get too dirty.

Finally the last day we got there early enough to be one of the first to go in!

Why do brothers always want to ruin pictures?

We walk in and THERE is Mickey!

Sure love this family of mine and so happy that I get to take them to Disneyland!

First ride- Rockets!!

Then it was time for what the boys had been waiting for- the Jedi training!!

Not every kid gets picked to participate. Sarah and I were hoping and praying our kids would make it! They would be thrilled and it would make their trip that much more complete.

Jack got picked to participate!!!
So did Liam and Matthew!! Yeah!!
(Lilly didn't get picked, but was ok with that.)

Liam and Matthew

Jack was SO excited!!!

Jack took the whole thing very seriously.

Everyone got a turn fighting...

Jack said he was a little scared, but that he couldn't wait to tell his friends that he fought Darth Vader!!

It was so hot, I felt bad for those kids wearing that hot things and standing in the sun!

After they each got a certificate saying that you had competed all of your Jedi training.
Jack truly believed and can't wait to frame his on his bedroom wall!
This really was the highlight of the whole trip for Jack!

Gemma!! First trip to Disneyland! The first of many I'm sure!

Buzz Lightyear ride! Somehow I missed getting the picture of Jack and I.
How is Ryan SO good at these type of things!?


Such a beautiful day! Too bad it was so dang hot!! 20 degrees hotter then we thought it would be!

A quick ride on the monorail

While the bigger kids went on Star Tours Mom and I took the littles for a treat and ran into Mary Poppins and Bert!
My Mom says that Mary was always my favorite growing up, I don't really remember that, but the tradition continues.

Is it just me or do they seem super young? I guess I'm just getting old..

I had been waiting to take Lila to the Teeki room. She LOVES birds!!

I was right! She didn't say much other then "Bird! Bird! Bird!"

Jungle Cruise!

Love this picture of my sweet Lilly!

Some of the animals made Lilly a little nervous...

Our guide was amazing. So funny :)

Jack was so glad that we didn't get eaten by anything or hit by any gun fire or arrows. He kept the map, he wants to hang that on his wall too!

Love seeing my family together at Disneyland!
It was fun to be together, but a lot of work. I don't know that we'll go with a large group like this again for a while.

This guy... I can't say enough good things about him. He's a saint.

Jack and Sami on Thunder Mountain Railroad. Jack's new favorite!

I get cranky. Like really bad. Especially when I'm hot AND hungry. Seriously, the heat was killing me! I don't do well in heat. I don't know how I lived in Arizona. 
We stopped for lunch and a rest in the shade.
(You can see Lilly napping in the stroller)
Ryan got me this special cupcake to make me feel better. SO yummy!

Lila loves ducks. She kept trying to throw food at them!

Thunder Mountain!!
After my brother died I tried to think of my favorite memory with him.
One trip to Disneyland when we were a little older there were a bunch of us waiting to go on Thunder Mountain. Sarah got really nervous and she and our Mom decided to sneak out.
Aaron and I saw that and started yelling "chicken!! chicken!!" It totally emberassed Sarah, but Aaron and I were laughing and laughing. :)

The kids were kind of nervous about Splash Mountain, I was just excited to get wet and cool off a bit!

They loved it!!

Lila was asleep in the stroller so Grandma and Grandpa took the older kids to some other rides.
When who do we find, Rapunzel!! One of Lilly's all time favorites!

I was so happy that Lilly got to have that moment alone, just a special thing for her.
As the middle child I feel like she can get lost in the shuffle.
Lilly couldn't wait to have her sign her book!

Lilly was so scared to walk around Sleeping Beauty's castle..
We walked around some shops, I hope that next time we can take the babies to get their hair and make up done.

It was starting to get late.. we let each of the kids pick one last ride..

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your help!!
They are Disneyland pros!

After much, much deliberation Ella finally picked something.
She's super pleased..
Too bad she finally picked something the last couple of hours.

I'm so glad that at the last second my Dad ended up coming with us! He was just as much help as anyone. My kids sure do love their Grandpa!

Story book boat!

I remember thinking as a kid.. if only I had my Barbies, this would be awesome!

They've added several Frozen things :)
I loved it when Ethan yelled "Godzilla duck!"
It's always funny when huge ducks on sitting on the castles.

Last tea cup ride of the trip!

Lila still loves that binkie!

Car ride!

Jack was very concerned with his driving.. he wanted to be super good!

Pretty sunset..

Of course Jack's pick was Thunder Mountain, one more time..

Even with his "bloody stumps for legs" Ryan was such a trooper!!

Nice one Ella..

Somehow I missed Bizzy's family... sorry.

This is what happens when you just hand your camera to a stranger... Oh well.

Yeah!! So happy!!

It had been a long day... poor guy couldn't stay awake!!

The next morning we packed up and hit the road.
Jack couldn't stop smiling, he was so happy!!
Loved when I looked back and Lila and she had put this on all by herself!
Keeping the fun going!

After the long drive home, unloading the car and getting ready for bed I found Lilly like this..
I'm so happy that we had the opportunity to take our kids to Disneyland.
I hope that we can go again sometime before Ella's too grown up.
Until next time...

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