Saturday, April 25, 2015


Jack started yelling "MOM! Hurry! Come see this!"
9 little newborn baby ducklings!!

Sadly within a couple of days we were down to 6 :(
It's so fun to have the pond right in our backyard!

This girl and make up! Seriously!?

And candy.. she loves candy!

One morning Ryan came home from running some errands and had these for me. SO sweet!!

While out running errands I saw Jimmy Osmond. Always cool to see someone like that. I kicked myself after.. I used to work for Jimmy in Park City when I was pregnant with Ella. 
I should have said hi. :(
It was good enough to get a picture and send it to Bizzy.. so jealous!

Since we had plans for the week after spring break ;)  we ended sticking around here for spring break.
Day 1- outlets. Picking up some new summer gear. Might come in handy in the next couple of weeks.

Spring break day 2- movies with friends!
Lisa and I took all of our kids to see the movie "Pattington".
It was gross and boring.

After the movie we were going to take Preston home with us for a sleepover, but then Brielle wanted to and then Paige wanted to... so Lisa and all of her kids came up for a family sleepover! Since Jake is working out of town, it's no big deal. 
Spring break day 3- We went shopping and grabbed some lunch at the University mall.

Make up AGAIN!!

Mary had a bunch of things going on in Utah over the next week and a half, so she came for an extended stay. I hung out with Scarlett while Mary and Kevin ran to the store. She almost smiled for me.

The next morning Harvey sent Lilly a video asking her to go over to Grandma's house. This was Lilly's video response.

Lila learned a new word- cereal! I love hearing her say it!

Sometimes when you're sad you just need a hug from your sister. I know how that goes!

MORE MAKE UP!! And how did she get that leg out of her clothes?

While out to lunch with Mary and the kids I got a call from the school saying that Jack wasn't well and that I needed to go get him.
THIS is what I saw.. the poor kid!
His ENTIRE body was covered in hives!! Literally his whole body!
I called his doctor and ran to the store to get him some medicine.
Good thing Mary was there, she knows ALL about hives!
They ended up going away within 24 hours, but we still don't have any idea what caused it.

Cousin's lunch and ice cream cones!

The kids love going to DI, so on my most recent trip I saw this... 
As soon as I saw it I thought of my Dad. He's always wanted a recliner. This one was in almost perfect condition and only 30 bucks. I had to get it!
I totally win daughter of the year award! Happy early fathers day Dad!

Ella's friend called me to ask if Ella could go with her and some friends to the movies.
After talking to Ryan we decided that she was old enough to go.
It still felt weird dropping her off. The only place she goes alone is school and activity days.
She actually loved the idea of me taking her photo! (for anyone worried I was being a weird mom!)
Tiffany, Delaney, Sidney and Ella
They had a great time. Too bad Ryan was super late picking them up since he thought they were at a different theater! Still.. a fun memory!

Everyday life around here...

We got to go to a friends wedding reception in Salt Lake.
Such a fun place with a koi pond. The kids loved it!

They also loved to dance! So sweet! Lila's really got the moves.

The weather was nice enough, Dad, Adam and Ryan went out dirt bike riding.
I always worry now when they go.

I guess I had good reason to worry.. this is how Ryan came home.

The little ones love going to Daddy's office and playing "air pockey". Every time Lilly made a goal she yelled "Boom!"

Sometimes when you walk by a mirror you just have to take a second to admire how good you look in your spider-man dress...

This little nugget still loves coming and cuddling with us in our bed.. last baby problems...

Sometimes when your sister calls complaining that she's been to lazy you have to send her pictures proving that you you're beating her...

Since Ella's friends were so nice to drive up to see her in her play, we had to go see them in theirs!

Way to go Avorie and Paige! Well done!!

All packed up.. tomorrow's the day! The kids have no idea!! I'm so excited!!!

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