Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Vegas with the Riggs

We love the Riggs! We had such a great time going to Vegas with them two years ago, we had to go again! I was excited to not be 30 weeks pregnant this time!
Ryan and drove and met them at our hotel. This time with adjoining rooms!

We had got there late at night so we pretty much went straight to sleep.

The next morning we went and got some breakfast in the hotel.
I actually got my boob covered in jelly while having this picture taken... 
Remember miss piggy!?

Best looking couple I know!!
Happy Birthday Justin! Glad we got to spend your day with you!

After breakfast we hit the pool. One of our favorite things to do is just people watch. 
The pool was a goldmine! Speedo man who never stopped walking past us and women wearing swimming suits that did not cover all of their lady parts were pretty entertaining.
It was pretty hot, so cool drinks were a must!

According to Ryan hotels are for lounging in the nude and watching TV.
(He's going to kill me if he ever see's that I posted this!)

After a quick shower we headed out for some fun!

All Justin wanted for his birthday was to eat at Bacchanal in
Ceasers Palace! We went there two years ago and he never forgot about the steamed crab legs!
It took a little while to figure out how to get those stinkin crab legs steamed. Things had changed since we were there last. But finally, finally they got them!
These boys were in heaven!

That's an embarrassing amount of crab legs guys...

A happy birthday boy!

Katrina and I sampled all of the other foods and the many yummy desserts.
Too bad that my ice cream had a wrapper in it! Kind of put a damper on the meal..

We walked around the mall and did some shopping.
So happy I got some good alone time with this guy!

Later that night we went and saw the show Mysteye. 
A couple of creepy things, but super cool. Ryan was ready to see it again the second it ended.

Day 2. Is it possible to be hung over without having any alcohol? I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck. LOL!

Last day we got some yummy burgers for lunch/breakfast. I was so full! 
We decided to try and walk it off.

Seriously, he's so weird.

With no big plans for the day we just walked around.

Before we knew it, the day was almost over and it was time to take the Riggs to the airport.
So sad! The trip was so fast, but totally worth it!
It was just what Ryan and I needed! Thank you to Mom and Mary for helping with the kids while we were gone! 
Love you Riggs! Hope to see you again soon! Maybe we can meet up at the beach next time!

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